Fix for Vimium that Stopped Working



I love the Vimium extension for Chrome. It basically provides VIM keybindings for Chrome. But some of the bindings randomly quit working a while back, probably after a Chrome update. A quick search didn't yield a simple fix, so I just put up with it for an embarrassingly long time. Finally today I did a bit more digging. Some of the issues on github seemed to indicate local Chrome data might get messed up from updates. My solution was to delete ~/.config/google-chrome (actually moved it to ~/.config/google-chrome.bak just in case). I believe this basically removes all the local data for chrome, as if you had just installed it for the first time. After starting Chrome back up and logging into my account, Vimium is working again! I'm running Ubuntu 14.04 with Chrome 38 as of this writing.

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